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Dienstag, 29.09.2020

Digitas Pixelpark creates marketing portal for franchise partners of McDonald’s

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To support the business of McDonald’s franchise partners and their local store marketing, Digitas Pixelpark has developed the M-Hub marketing portal, which not only lets them create customizable promotions and advertising material, but also provides all the knowledge about franchising and enables real-time communication of the franchise takers with their target groups, including social media.

The publishing and media management solution one2edit, which is integrated with the partner BRANDGUARDIAN, is an essential component for the implementation of promotions and advertising material. With the help of the BRANDGUARDIAN wizard, McDonald's business partners can easily put together individual advertising materials such as posters, displays, coupons, voucher booklets and signs and adapt them to their regional and local needs, directly from the browser. Thanks to the integrated templates, image database and stored linkage logic, the results are 100 per cent CI-compliant and immediately ready for production, whether for print or digital. Operating the solution does not require any knowledge of software, design tools or design specifications. A previously created “Proof of Concept” had shown the performance and the enormous savings potential of the solution and the portal.

“Around 90 per cent of our 1,500 restaurants in Germany are currently operated by independent franchise partners. It is our task and our goal to provide our business partners with the best possible support in their individual communication and marketing on-site. To this end, we are consistently pursuing our digital path and are now taking the next step with the new M-Hub marketing portal: It scores with numerous features, is intuitive to use and is also integrated into our system architecture in a forward-looking manner. In this way we are further advancing our local marketing”, explains Jörn Winkler, Senior Director Marketing McDonald's Germany.

Jens-Christian Jensen, Chief Strategy Officer at Digitas Pixelpark, adds: “We create digital platforms that make marketing and sales communication more successful and that ensure a greater overall agility, faster processes, cost savings and independence for our customers. That is also the core of the cooperation with BRANDGUARDIAN, who make a significant contribution to the marketing stack with one2edit.”

"The McDonald’s marketing portal is another prime example of the benefits of one2edit and our marketing adaptation wizards," says Markus Kuhnert, founder and managing director of BRANDGUARDIAN. “We are thus contributing to three main goals of today's marketing: automation of processes, easier customization and shorter time-to-market. Not without reason does Microsoft also use our solutions in global packaging. The same goes for branch operations such as car dealerships, local marketers in branches, translation service providers or copywriters in the agency: Every user can easily create marketing materials with our solution based on the stored rules and previously professionally designed templates and images.”

BRANDGUARDIAN and Digitas Pixelpark sealed their strategic partnership at the end of 2019 and will from now on bundle their strengths in the development of tailor-made brand and marketing platforms. With its publishing solution and cloud collaboration technology, BRANDGUARDIAN supports around 250 corporations and medium-sized companies with consistent and efficient marketing communication.

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Marc Steffens, Managing Consultant, Customer Value Optimization
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Marcus Bond, BOND PR-Agenten
M +49 177-6252663, marcus.bond@bond-pr.de

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BRANDGUARDIAN is an established software and technology provider for digital publishing and media management solutions with offices in Germany, the UK and the USA. With one2edit, BRANDGUARDIAN (formerly 1io) has been supporting companies in consistent and efficient marketing communication since 1999. With the Media Collaboration Technology (MCT) and the real-time file system CoFS, the manufacturer offers a highly innovative services infrastructure that enables a quantum leap in collaborative media production. Around 250 corporations and medium-sized companies use the solutions made in Allgäu, for example, Henkel, Liebherr, Linde, Mercedes Benz, Microsoft, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Siemens, Sto and Voith.


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