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Montag, 11.05.2020

Digitas Pixelpark parlays enhanced digital content for ROSSMANN´s store brands

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To position XY's store brands furthermore digitally, Digitas Pixelpark is taking over digital-to-consumer coaching for the new customer, the Dirk Rossmann GmbH and their ROSSMANN store brands, and designs, creates and produces the associated e-commerce assets for ROSSMANN´s online shop rossmann.de. This is preceded by corresponding data-based research on specific buyer segments. Based on the results, all needed rich content assets, ranging from secondary images to enhanced content like user tutorials, are developed, maintained and managed by Digitas Pixelpark directly in ROSSMANN´s online shop system.

"Store brands have to be positioned like brands - product advantages, comparison options, ingredients, customer reviews, holistic added value of the products must be available for our consumers on all channels and across all touchpoints of the customer journey and thus emotionally boost the products," said Sandra Lorenz, General Management for ROSSMANN´s store brands.

Uwe Roschmann, Managing Director at Digitas Pixelpark in Düsseldorf, adds: “We were able to show ROSSMANN that we have many years of e-commerce expertise, but above all that we consistently move away from a product-first perspective towards to developing an overall user perspective, from e-commerce and social commerce up to direct-to-consumer and point-of-sale activities. We work strictly data-based and, thanks to our experience and capabilities, we can handle very large quantities of products, product groups and channels for all kinds of communication, be it in the shop itself, such as for ROSSMANN, or be it via social or campaigns or digital one-to-one communication – and that with measurable impact.”

Digitas Pixelpark starts the content development with ROSSMANN´s store brands ISANA and "RIVAL loves Me", and will continue with supporting of further store brands in the upcoming time.



Viviane Kruggel, PR Manager
T +49 30 5058 1570, M +172 380 35 32, viviane.kruggel@digitaspixelpark.com

Nicole Karepin, Director Communication
T +49 211 175 40 9249, M +49 175 724 31 89, nicole.karepin@publicis.com

About Rossmann

As the inventor of the drugstore in Germany, Dirk Roßmann opened the first "drugstore market" in Hanover in 1972. With 56,200 employees in Europe and 4,088 branches, of which 2,196 are located in Germany and 1,892 in Eastern Europe, the ROSSMANN group (headquartered in Burgwedel near Hanover) is the number 2 of Germany´s large drugstore chains today (as of January 2020). By offering 21,400 drugstore items, ROSSMANN presents a particularly extensive range. The range currently includes 28 store brands with around 4,600 different items from all drugstore categories. ROSSMANN thus has the most extensive range of store brands in the drugstore market of Germany. Furthermore, ROSSMANN attaches great importance to reasonably priced photo services, a high proportion of environmentally friendly products and ROSSMANN´s premium quality brand program. Turnover 2019: 10 billion euros (Germany 7 billion euros).


About Digitas Pixelpark

Digitas Pixelpark is the agency for customer experience marketing within the German Publicis and the international Digitas network.

More than 500 experts in data, strategy, creative, media and technology in Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Hamburg coach clients on their digital marketing transformation.

With platforms and activation measures for e-commerce, CRM and marketing automation, Digitas Pixelpark is committed to effectively connect customers and brands by creating unique customer experiences – always striving to achieve the most impactful outcome. #itsallaboutimpact


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