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Dienstag, 19.01.2021

Digitas Pixelpark responsible for UX research for the federal association of AOK

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In a Europe-wide tender, Digitas Pixelpark was able to secure the mandate of the Federal Association of the AOK (AOK-Bundesverband) for its user research and UX testing. With user research and related advice, Digitas Pixelpark will support the Federal Association of the AOK  over the next four years in aligning all of the AOK's digital offers concerning health, prevention, statutory health insurance and the eleven independent AOKs across Germany in a user-centered manner.

Part of this is not only the optimization of the online offers for the AOK target groups but also extensive coaching of all internally involved AOK managers in the field of services and products, to ultimately offer the AOK insurees  the best possible customer experience.

“The handling of health-related digital services and information is difficult for just over one in two citizens. This makes reliable and easy-to-understand information on the Internet all the more important for our insured persons”, says Steve Plesker, Managing Director for Market and Products at the Federal Association of the AOK. ”However, this only works if we develop a common understanding of what our insurees really need. With Digitas Pixelpark at our side and based on a dedicated UX research process, we can gradually transfer every insight from the usability laboratory into concrete optimization steps and benefit from the long-standing of know-how of the UX experts inside Digitas Pixelpark.”

“The basis of any successful customer experience is the knowledge of what the needs, expectations, desires, but also problems, hurdles and frustrations of the target groups are, especially online. Part of this is to iteratively optimize processes based on structured findings internally, by the AOK employees, and externally for the users”, explains Dr. Ralf Niemann, Chief Executive Officer at Digitas Pixelpark. "We are very pleased that we are supporting the Federal Association of the AOK in its digital transformation with the decades of experience of our usability laboratory."

The portfolio of the usability laboratory at Digitas Pixelpark includes standard customer journey analysis, in-depth interviews, focus group analyzes, persona development, prototyping, expert reviews, ‘classic’ UX tests, onsite and online surveys, eye tracking, cart sorting, tree testing and first-click tests as well as A/B testing.


Portrait of Dr. Ralf Niemann


Viviane Kruggel, PR Manager
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About the Federal Association of the AOK

The Federal Association of the AOK is the service-oriented stakeholder of the AOK community. The health insurance company insures more than 27 million people nationwide in eleven different AOKs - almost a third of the entire population. The core task of the Federal Association of the AOK is to represent the interests of the AOK system vis-à-vis federal and European politics, the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds and the political institutions of the AOK contractual partners.

The Federal Association of the AOK supports the AOK system with its know-how in data management and financial management in the liability association of the AOK community. The Federal Association of the AOK also takes on the development of new products and innovative contracts. He maintains the brand "AOK - Die Gesundheitskasse" and supports the public relations and marketing of the AOKs with nationwide communication. Another important field of activity is the competition for the best medical care.


About Digitas Pixelpark

Digitas Pixelpark is the agency for customer experience marketing within the German Publicis and the international Digitas network.
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